​Do you remember when you left home and set up your first apartment?  You probably raided your Mom's linen closet and kitchen cabinets, and family members offered up some furniture they were no longer using, and you had everything you needed to set up your new living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath.

Now imagine that you are doing the same thing as an adult with small children, and very limited resources.  You have found resources in the community to help you secure a new lease and obtain basic furniture from a furniture bank.  But that leaves a gap around housewares such as dishes, glasses, pots and pans, and all that goes into setting up a new kitchen.  And you still need sheets, pillows and blankets, and some towels and shower curtain for the bath.

Our "Housewares for Home" package fills that gap.  


We partner with our local YWCA. They have identified clients who need that assistance in furnishing their kitchen, bedrooms and bath.  Through a combination of skilled shopping and donations of lightly used hard goods, we are able to build a custom package for each client to meet the needs of their family and deliver to them when they are ready to set up their new home.

The package includes everything they need to prepare and serve a meal for their family, give kids a bath and wrap them in new towels, and tuck everyone into bed with new sheets, pillows and blankets.

We remain mindful of using the best quality goods we can find as we feel our families so appreciate receiving new linens and mostly new kitchen items to start a new life in a safe home.

Seperated Beds



Many of our clients use CARITAS furniture bank for living room and bedroom furniture.  While there is no charge for the furniture itself, there are handling fees for loading and delivery options.  Most of our clients are short on funds when they've just moved so must delay getting furniture.  We use special grants to match their funds so they can get furniture more quickly and not have to sleep on the floor.



We love our individual, corporate and foundation donors who invest in our mission through both cash donations and in-kind items.​

Like-new and very gently used hard goods such as kitchen items will help us build out our Housewares for Home packages to clients.  

Cash investments of any amount may be made by clicking on the DONATE button.